About The Workshops


Classes for 1 person: Available every month in my studio in Vienna. The program will be created to your needs and wishes.


Group classes: Can be organized any time in my studio in Vienna or in other countries.


You can bring some art skills, but you can be a total beginner as well. There is nothing you have to know. It is enough to have a wish to learn to paint, draw or bodypaint. I can teach you the rest. We can go from the first baby steps till the final finished projects, photography and photo retouch.


My goal is to teach you in the best possible & fast way, to give you short cuts, construction, knowledge and let you play afterwards. After the workshops I offer online support. After attending my classes you can always send me works and questions for help.


In my online store you can find different ready booking packages.

Under F.A.Q there are many questions & answers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


About Body Painting


Body painting, or  bodypainting, is a form of body art. Body art is art made on, with, or consisting of, the human body and can be used in fine arts, installations, but is also the perfect eye catcher for any event, live show, advertisement, promotion, photo shooting, music videos, cd covers, fashion shows or more.


This art form is unique and very old. I love it because it is alive: the painted body can move, dance, sing. On  human skin you can create a 3D illusion, an alien, a building. You can express feelings, a whole world, yet this world will exist for a few hours, will stay in your mind, disappearing later into running water. This art form is like a kiss, you simply have to enjoy the present moment.


"Body painting helps us regain contact with something inside us that is unfathomable, raw and untouched. Something fundamentally and exclusively human that is waiting to be released and allowed to reveal itself."





















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Bella Volen is Vienna-based professional visual artist. She has a masters degree in painting and has been awarded with 18 prizes at competitions all around the world, lecturer at the World Bodypainting Academy, judge and curator of many projects and competitions. Bella has been also a researcher in the field of body art history since 2005.

I have been giving workshops in many countries around the world since 2007. Countries I have been teaching classes are: Austria, Germany, Venezuela, South Korea, USA, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Wales, Ukraine, Bulgaria and many more to come.


Core elements of what I teach:

  • The structure: drawing, anatomy, perspective, design and how shapes transform and relate to each other, the golden key, different kinds of composition techniques.
  • Color theory as psychology and visual combinations, color theory as a mixing paint skills.
  • Brush strokes, shading, volume, emptiness, the line, the plane, depth and illusion in a design and more.
  • Knowledge about different painting & body painting products and how to use them.
  • Preparation, mindset & timing


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