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Yes. Send an e-mail with the workshop or direction you are interested in and you will receive a personal offer and a plan.






ONLINE Bodypainting Class OR Coaching

2 hours


Two hours bodypainting class for beginners or advanced body painters, who need help for the implementation of  ideas, projects, preparation for competitions, art commissions, or just building up more skills and knowledge such as design, color theory, color combinations, different brush strokes, different painting styles, creating illusions with the human body, realistic painting skills, time management, etc.


We will find the best solution for your case. It is a promise!


If you are a beginner I will explain you everything not only from the view of a bodypainter, but with the experience of a classical academic painter. We will go through all the steps for perfect planing, from the idea, building up a design on paper, working with or against the natural human shapes. We will speak about all the different products, the good and bad sides of those, how to combine them, how to solve classical problems in this field, the different painting styles and common mistakes, how to reach in the fastest way your goal, the use of photography, working with clients and models, etc.


Feel free to get in touch, ask questions and make an appointment.

Remember the 5P Formula
: Perfect preparation prevents poor performance

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